Monday, February 10, 2020

2020 Season

Thanks for checking in.

The coaches are working behind the scenes gearing up for another great season of racing in 2020.

The call for registration will be going out in the May / June time frame.

The season kickoff camp out in Teller county is on the calendar for August 14-16.  Details can be found on Highlander Racing Team Snap.

If you are visiting this site and need more information please reach out to us and check us out on Instagram

Paul von Boeck
Team Director

Eric Drummond
Head Coach

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Race Day Nutrition

At practice this week I discussed race day nutrition and want to share my thought with parents and riders who were unable to attend.  If you've been doing this a while you probably already know what works, so go with that.

The guideline is to eat a regular meal at least two hours before race time.  This gives the body adequate time to digest the food.  With our race schedule it can difficult to time this just right if you are traveling to the venue from home and have to be on the road by 6:30, so regardless of your race start time eat a good breakfast before you head out or in the car.  This is the key meal on race day.  When we wake up our energy stores are depleted and we need this meal to get the motor running.  Try for a good mix of carbs and protein. 

Based on your race time, bring something to eat at that two hour window.  A sandwich and a piece of fruit works well for this meal.  For me the longer the gap between breakfast and race time the bigger the snack.  If I have an early afternoon race start I'm going to eat a full lunch.

Keep a water bottle handy and hydrate during this time as well.

15-20 minutes before the race you can top off the tank with a couple of hundred calories and a drink of water.  A banana, energy gels or chews work well because they'll digest quickly.

 Racers need to have some kind of fueling strategy and this may require some experimenting on your part.   Decide ahead of time if you are going to drink from a water bottle or hydration pack and whether you want straight water or some kind of energy drink.  Easily digestible calories are best during shorter duration cross country races like we are doing, for this reason I like gels, sport drinks or the energy chews.   If you plan on taking on a bottle, gel or some other energy snack during the race we need to know ahead of time so someone will be in place in the feed zone to get this to you during the race.   Getting a bottle and some energy food at the same time can be tricky.  I either carry gels in my jersey pocket or tape them to my top tube or stem.

The length of your race and how your body responds to the effort of racing play in to this.  If you are racing two laps (freshman/sophomore) an energy drink in your bottle should be plenty.  If you drink straight water try a gel when you come through for your second lap.  If you are racing three laps (JV and Ladies Varsity) definitely take on an energy gel between laps two and three.

Post Race
The sports nutritionists say the body is primed to replenish calories in the first 45 minutes after hard exercise and that a mix of carbs and protein is best. Most of us don't do well stuffing our faces right after a race.  My recommendation is give the body some time to recovery, sip some water to start rehydrating and then start snacking or have a meal.  There are a lot products for post exercise recovery, but real food does the job just fine.

Don't Break This Rule
When it comes to race day nutrition the best advice you'll ever forget is "Don't try something on race day that you haven't tried in training"   Substituting liver and onions for bacon and eggs at breakfast or trying a new flavor gel for the first time during a race - probably not a good idea.

No Caffeine at the venue
 The league rules prohibits athletes from consuming caffeine at the race.  This is tricky because a lot of energy foods have caffeine, taurine or other stimulants in their ingredients, so please double check this.  They don't actually have anyone walking around checking out what athletes are eating, but please be mindful of what you are consuming.